Welcome to Album Adventures

, Darkliquid

For NaNoWriMo (and hopefully beyond!), I shall be writing tabletop roleplaying game adventure modules, all inspired by music albums.

Given my fairly eclectic listening habits and my weird imagination, it should be interesting what crops up.

Most likely, I will be focusing on Numenera and The Strange, but it's quite possible that whatever I end up writing will be suitable for any system with a bit of work.

So how will this work? The basic rules I'm following will be to take the overall theme inspiration from the name of album artist, the cover art and the name of the album itself - at least as a rough guide and then to write a series of encounters or story fragments based on each track, using the title and (if it is not instrumental) the lyrics to inspire the content. I will also be listening to the album as well to keep my mind in a theme appropriate to the music.

This will almost certainly result in some strange adventures that make little to no sense, but hell, that's NaNoWriMo all over :)